Tuesday, September 19, 2006


You know, I have finished the sweater! I have even worn it a whole bunch (even to work!) and I really love it. I love it so much I wish I could show it to you all.. but that isn't happening. The digi cam has gone kaput, the boys is nowhere to be found. You will all just have to wait! And take my word that is lovely of course :)

Its definitely gotten cooler here in the last few days (HURRAH!) and the rain has stopped (HURRAH!) and I am full into MUST KNIT ALL THE TIME MODE. Which is of course being severely curtailed by me actually have a life. No really. Working where I do I get inspired all the time to try new and nifty projects that are filling my brain with all sorts of creative goodness. I am still plugging away on the Log Cabin for Chris, and have been a busy with the needle felting. I have done some really cool little things lately that again, I would love to show you but...

I think you get the picture. Or I guess you don't.

I am planning my next knitting project as we speak. Or I guess as I write. Or maybe I'm not planning it as much as wondering what it will be. I really love knitting sweaters as they seem to fill a void that nothing else does. Amy and I were talking about this and its really true. I don't know if its a showoff thing, but man! A new sweater is really an ultimate FO for me. Having said that I still don't know what I'm doing next.

What are you all knitting right now? And what should I do?

Name alert!
Thanks for your submissions, the massage chair does have a name! I didn't go with Picard (even though he is my favorite captain and I have already watched many TNG in him) or Beef/Beouf. My beef is being flung about even with him ;) I have actually named him:
Cause that's just who he is. And you need to say it with a really open mouthed prosh British accent. AUUUBREY BUMTICKLAAAAAAH. Hahahaha I crack myself up.
Back to some deadlines looming.. super secret projects you know!


Kathy said...

That's how I say Manchester "MANCHEST-AHHHH". Is that not normal?

karen said...

Totally normal. Coming from me, you should be worried :)