Tuesday, September 12, 2006


After much hassle my sweet MIL finally got herself some olde fashioned aluminum glasses. Luckily for us, she sent some our way (thank you EVILBAY!)... aren't they cute? Can't you just imagine drinking a lovely frosty milkshake out of them?

I just love the anodised aluminum.. so damn shiny and pretty! My camera has officially bit the dust. I had to restrain myself from smashing it heartily to the ground yesterday in a fit of pique. BTW.. what is pique? Regardless I must have had plenty of it as it narrowly avoided a giant whacking. So I have co-opted the wee boys in my photo efforts but who knows how long I'll be allowed to use it, teenagers are so picky nowadays. A new Canon Powershot should be looked for very soon. I think thats the kind we want next. All I know is I can't take good close ups of my Pullips with the nasty ol Kodak (NEVER BUY A KODAK DIGI CAM.... EVER!!) we currently sort of have. I have a notice from the PO that I have a parcel at the depot for me, this will be an exciting afternoon indeed!

I have a few inches of the second sleeve left to do, then the picked up edge for the neck and then it is... DONE. Pics will have to wait until then. Yesterday at work I spent the day with the fantastic Sandra weighing and pricing fibre for spinning. OMG to be covered in cashmere and angora (although it did look like I had been wrasslin' an albino samsqanch (TPB MOVIE Oct 6 ya'll!) for a week) was really a hard thing to do. I have so many ideas for wet felting projects, I reckon some of that fibre needs to come home with me, maybe tomorrow. Boy I wish I knew how to spin. But wet felting will have to do. I feel truly lucky to have found such a constant source of creativity in my workplace. I LOVE YOU MAKE 1 YARN STUDIO! Have I mentioned that Amy's book comes out next week? Well it does and I think you should all go buy it!!
If you click on her name, you'll see that her next book is on FELTING! exciting no?


granolagirl said...

Are you working at Make 1 full time now?? Must...learn...crochet.

Love the aluminum glasses, we had some when we were kids, can we say orange pop floats?

karen said...

Nope just a couple of days a week. To keep me outta trouble. Funny thing is I think its getting me in more trouble.. YARN TROUBLE :P Amy does a crochet class you know...

granolagirl said...

Yah I had to decide between the crochet and the felting course, my student budget (time and money) unfortunately restricts me doing both.