Monday, December 08, 2008

Grinching along...

I'm pretty sure everyone who knows me IRL (in real life Dad!) knows I am not a huge Xmas fan. This wasn't always the case. When Jake was small I took great delight in this holiday. Making big fake candy garlands, decorating everything in sight and generally being almost as excited as he used to be. As he got older I had a few bad Xmases in a row, and now particularly that he isn't living here, I pretty much wish it was over before it begins. It may also have to do with the Christmas Creep that started well before Halloween this year. I mean COME ON. Sheesh.

Having blorked that out, I felt a tiny stir in my Xmas parts this year. Wow that sounded dirty didn't it? So with very specific conditions, we actually got and erected (haha) a tree. Now these conditions were VERY VERY EXPLICIT. The tree must be tiny. The tree must be tinsel. The tree must be PINK and it must be under 20.00$

Thanks Sears! You had it on the button. I *decorated* it with some yarn pom poms (another condition that had to be agreed on) and Voila!

Chris has always wanted these lights. The hurt your eyes blue kind. Here they are! Note we didn't put them outside, cause Chris couldn't see them there. Screw everyone else! Pickles was scared of the lights at first but has now gotten used to them.

This was what we saw last night out of the back door. The dogs are alternately thrilled and horrified by all this snow.. I think its pretty and hides all the dog shit in the backyard! Driving however.. FREAKSHOW. Looks like I'll be staying in today.


cher said...

Super fabulous tree! I'm very jealous of the snow, all we're looking to get is some rain this weekend.

Dana said...

Fabulous photos! I love the pinks and the blues. Very gender-inclusive ;) (And not at all xmas red 'n' green! Bonus points!)