Friday, December 12, 2008

About waiting

Sometimes waiting is a great thing. It heightens the pay off. And then there is the complete and utter opposite. Like when you wait 17 years for a certain album to come out. And it drops. And drops is the right word. Ugh. Mr Rose. The only place that album (CD? MP3s?) should drop is in the toilet. Thanks.*

Its supposed to get cold this weekend. How cold you ask? How does -40 avec wind chill sound? It sounds like crap to me! We have plans dammit! NO MORE SNOW. Of course we are looking at 15 cm or so. ARGH.

Here is a picture of the dogs bed. Where Pickles goes to snit. They go there when they think I am getting ready to go out. And to sleep at night of course.

Know what? I have no mittens! I have lotsa fingerless ones, but real proper mittens? NOPE. Seriously? Seriously! I found this out this week as dog park visits and snow shoveling** were colder than usual due to this over sight. You know I have like eleventy twelve bazillion hats and scarves right? Will get on that right away.

The woman who does my nails is named Truly. Is that not the cutest thing EVER? This is NOT her, but it did give me a big need to re watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Now chut up.

*But I did discover how much I LOVE Lily Allen. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Her bouncy sweetness tempered with subject matter and swearing? I LOVE HER. Late to the party but at least I made it ok? Now shut up.

**If I don't do it, it won't get done. Thanks percocet.

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