Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold on the outside

Although the weather outside was frightful, we had the most delightful weekend. Considering I fully intended not to leave the house, that plan was quickly squashed by my dearest husband. But first, we had to contend with a few things, you know, like snow!

Chris shoveled like a trooper on Saturday morning. It was COLD* but he struggled through like a champ. See? He even carved out a prison yard/maze for the dogs in the back do poor little Max could pee without getting his belly wet. Speaking of I knit them matching sweaters this weekend. Oh. My. God. I am officially one of *those* people. You know, the crazy ones. If I knit Chris and Jake matching ones, just send me out behind the shed ok?

I also knit a pair of mittens, a hat, and half a scarf that I didn't like so I frogged. Ah the impermanence of knitting! I hit an amazing sale at American Eagle and got a whole bunch of new snuggle wear (sweat pants! thermal t! hoodie!) for uber cheap.

On Sunday we went to a movie (full price! That NEVER happens!) and it was so full of awesome.. well for us it was. The Punisher! It was so over the top violent/bloody/gross/fun/full of crazy/heads getting shot off that I couldn't believe it. I haven't had that much fun in a movie for soooo long. I wouldn't recommend it for the more erudite of you, but for us? PERFECTION. Then last night as Chris went to his final poker tourney of the year (and won it.. came home with 6 shiny $100 bills!) I watched the season ender of Dexter. Ah.. what a fabulous wind down.

Speaking of Chris and $, his old company has finally gotten their collective poop in a group and are ready to pay him out for the shares he is still holding this week. It should be a pretty huge chunk of change that will allow us to be completely debt free (aside from the house of course.. but have I mentioned we hope to have it paid off in the next 5 years? We are thankful everyday that we bought when we did!) with a monstrous amount left over. And a good portion of it will be in American funds. A bright spot with our dollar being in the dumpster. We feel really fortunate and blessed.

This pic is for Miss Morgan who is off to balmy Argentina this week. If she finds the Malabrigo factory, and she knows whats good for her, at least ONE** sweaters worth of yarn better be on its way to me. Travel safe my sweetie.

*about -25 without the wind chill. Today its -30. Again, without the wind chill. gross.

** Two.

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