Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Regarding knitting and the loss of mojo-ness..

Sometimes I feel bad cause I'm not finishing something. I have seen how startitis is running roughshod through the internets lately (and around my circle too :P) but I love me some finishing. I started knitting Ingenue from the awesome new book and I knew as I was knitting it, the fabric was coming out a little.. um.. firm. But you know when you have that ah fuck it anyway moment and try to convince yourself that if you just get past the sleeves, it'll loosen up? Yeah. It didn't. So a frogging I went. BALLS. Do you have any idea how annoying frogging yarn (hand spun natural BFL YUM) that has been held doubled is? Well I mean I guess its not *that* bad, but separating those plies are. I have a noodley mess on my craft table that will just have to stay in time out until I am good and ready to ask for help.

I also have a mini clapotis on the go and and really hopeful that it will be long enough when done. The food scale says yes.. but we'll see. We'll see.

I did finish the most awesome sweater EVER. Its warm, cute and I have worn it a million times already. I used the Blue Sky Alpaca worsted that I reclaimed from a cardigan that just got too big. It killed me to see that huge whack of unused expensive yarn, so huzzah for recycling! Now it lives again in a better life than ever before. I will take pictures of it asap and show ya'll.

I am all about the warm utility sweaters these days. Which is why I was in total denial about the FIRM. Ah well..

In spinning news. I have been going pretty nuts. I got 24 oz of pin drafted Cormo (from an awesome Raveler for 25 $$ including shipping!!!!!) that I almost peed my pants over. I had to get Dana to come and touch it. Like Oh My God! I have been working on the merino seacell roving (and is this spinning up to be the squishiest most lofty yarn!) and maybe will be motivated enough to dye some stuff up.

I went and saw a physio guy last week too. He explained exactly what was wrong with my back and was pretty shocked at how much damage there was. Then when I told him I was 40, he was a little less shocked*, but still said its very significant and good for me for coming in before it gets worse. As it will. Quickly. He basically has me doing kegels right now to tighten the tiny little muscles holding my spine up. Jesus.. that's gross isn't it? Anyways, since I have been doing them, my back hurts more. GREAT. But to be fair, and under used muscles when being worked hurt. Blergh. I go back and see him tomorrow. He couldn't believe I knit. Like only grannies did or something. Silly goose.

Today I am going to try baking some acorn squash. Lets see how THAT goes too.. with some meatloaf? Sounds good.

*He thought I was 28. I told him good answer.

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