Friday, October 03, 2008

Debate? What debate?

This is what my last 5 minutes have been:

Pickles: Moms.. hey moms.. hey moms... hey moms...

Pickles: Moms.. I'm over here! I'm over here!!

Max: Jesus.. doesn't he ever sleep?

Pickles: Guess where I am now? OVER HERE MOMS!

I wanted to watch the VP USA debate last night. Chris didn't want to. So with no debating, there was no debate. For some reason we didn't even entertain the notion of watching our own leadership debate. Eh. Instead we watched poker. See my husband has a poker problem. Its transferred enough now that last night I dreamed about playing poker with Phil Hellmuth. Using crib hands. Then going for dinner. *sigh* Ok then we watched RAMBO in HD. OMGWTFBBQ. Most awesomely violent movie ever.

The culinary gods took a dump on my head yesterday. My espresso grounds exploded, my tomato sauce was hot sweet ass and I burned the bananas foster. I give up.

We had sandwiches.

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