Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't fence me in!

Charter members of the We Hate The New Fence Club.

President Pickles and Minister Of the Interrier Max.

You know its kinda funny.. I applied for 2 jobs this past month on a whim. I was offered both of them. One I turned down because I got the hinkies (and a wise woman told me TRUST YOUR HINKIES) and the other I turned down because they asked me to take out my nose ring. Um. For a part time job? AT A COFFEE SHOP*? Seriously? The manager and I hit it off immediately, we chatted like old friends in fact. She asked me about a dress code, no problem right? Except their corporate policy doesn't allow any facial piercings. For reals? I asked. She looked crestfallen. She also explained that she has had a lot of people turn down the job for that reason. Ah well I thought.. I finished my Americano, wished her luck and left. Stewing.

Then her district manager called me to see if I would reconsider. Well I had been considering.. all frikkin night and was royally pissed off by that point. I explained to her how let down I felt that I would be precluded for a nose ring. That in the employmentally challenged microcosm that is Calgary it is cutting off your nose (hahahaha) to spite your face and that although I have been a loyal (nay FANATICAL) customer for years, I was now reconsidering that as well. I think she wasn't expecting any response like this I tell you. You know, if I was from India we wouldn't have even had that conversation. Unless they won't hire anyone whose culture has nose rings? Dammit if I didn't forget to say that. But anyways.. she was shocked at the response I gave her. I mean I know its not her fault, but WELCOME TO THE MODERN WORLD DICKHEADS. I think after I use up whats left on my card, I am done. Now I need to find a new source for my crack coffee problem.

I can tell you that latte I had today didn't taste as sweet as it usually does. And I don't think the lack of Splenda was the problem.



Dana said...

I never understood the problem with nose or other facial piercings... Better than snot all over your face, right? (Right?!) What's the big deal, especially when 1 out of every 2 or 3 customers has a piercing of their own!

Way to rant, girl! Starbucks doesn't deserve you. (Unless they reconsider the whole no-piercing corporate policy, in which case, enjoy your free coffee and stock options!)


Anonymous said...

You tell em sweetpea. Next thing you know it could be banning Liberals or NDP or (heaven forbid) grandpas with earings. Where will it end.