Monday, October 06, 2008

OLD (fail)

You know, as you get older your medicine cabinet no longer becomes the place where you have the odd Tylenol, Advil, vitamins and various weird herbal things. It starts to actually hold.. MEDICINE. Who knew? Aches and pains that you used to be able to brush off or sleep off (HI HANGOVER) are hanging around longer and causing more HEY! moments. While discussing the aliments of old with some pals, I was informed it was NOT NORMAL to live with such pain and while the stock I have in Robaxacet profits from it, I really should go see someone about the back pain that JUST WON'T GO AWAY. So I did.

Today I went for a callback about some X-rays I had done last week and since my usual Doc is on paternity leave (awwwwwww) I saw the stand in doc. Nothing like being told you have a narrowing and slightly slipped disc with some osteo-arthritis forming in your spine and oh yeah a slight congenital defect by some young whippersnapper maybe in her mid twenties. Its bad enough that my regular doc is 4 years younger than me, this was almost like seeing Jake as a doctor. Le sigh. She offered to get me into the SPINAL CARE CENTRE who can give INJECTIONS INTO MY SPINE* but I said I'd be happy to try some physio first. YIKES! The good news?

At least this isn't all in my head!

*shudder. Hi that's a last resort. And the photograph at the top of the page? Not an accurate representation of my med cabinet. Yet.

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