Friday, October 24, 2008

Meme along

I was tagged by the adorable (even without lady shoes) Dana to tell you all six quirky yet boring and/or unspectacular details about myself. Well strap in:

1. Although there are days when I can barely remember what I ate for lunch let alone my kid/husbands/dogs/my own name/s, I can clearly and without a beat remember lyrics to songs I haven't heard in 20 years. Why do I know all the words to J Geils Centerfold, AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Cheap and pretty much ANYTHING from the 80-90's? I mean this has translated over into inane music trivia as well. Chris' theory that memory only has a finite amount of space is scary if its true. And if it is, I hope he likes hearing all this garbage (oh Shirley Manson, that first album was DIVINE) cause Its all I'll be spouting when I'm old.

2. I hate side seat drivers. Ok hate is a strong word. Strongly dislike. Is that better? I mean I LOVE people who navigate. HUGE DIFFERENCE. Telling me what lane I need to be in, good. Telling me to watch out for that plastic bag? NOT GOOD. Of course this stems from Chris' inability to know where we are at any given moment. Seriously, the guy could get lost within 6 blocks of the house. I have gotten very good at navigating as he needs one. Can I just say the GPS on his Blackberry is a miraculous thing.

3. I believe in Crystal Light cause it believes in me. And it is tasty! All artificial and chemmy.. mmmm... raspberry ice...

4. I am almost incapable of knitting from a pattern. They usually seem wrong to me. Having said that I bought a knitting book! Custom Knits by Wendy (Knit and Tonic) Bernard! Its the best knitting book EVER. And even I am knitting a sweater out of it . But have changed it already :)

5. When I make up my mind about something its very hard to change it. I can totally do it, but am resistant to the end. NIKE? Bad business practices/sweatshops/bad things in my mind all around. I cannot bring myself to buy any products from them. No matter how cute the shoe, how nice the shirt etc. When did I decide this? Um Grade 11. :) HELLO 23+ years ago. Now I just walk past and feel weirdly smug. Go figure.

6. I really want us to evolve a third arm. Or maybe I could graft one on. Or a prehensile tail. Man, so much would be made easier with a third arm. You could read and knit. You could clip the dogs nails. Just think of the possibilities! Sign me up!

Now I'd really like to see Dana, Morgan, Suzen and Alanna as I think none of them blog enough.

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Kathy said...

Kudos for being you and educating the marketplace. Your nose ring is small and tasteful. It's not as though you have an ear plug which stretches your lobe out to eight inches plus total Maori facial tattoos. Come on! Well, it's their loss.

Love you,