Friday, March 28, 2008

Margle bargle

Fridays Love list: (I wrote love lost at first)

-Torani Brown Sugar Cinnamon Sugar Free Syrup. take that Cinnabon.

-Pickleskin rugs and Maxi shakesalot.

-soft soft sweatpants.

-skinny Cow Ice Cream sammiches.

-extra cinnamon chewing gum.

-coffee, sweet sweet coffee.

-frozen snickers bars with almonds.

-hand knit ginormous house socks.

-stuff in the mail that ain't bills and are just for me

-the burn after chipping away the last of the winter ice on the back walk.

As you can see, there has been a lot of not much going on. Chris' recovery is taking alot longer than we hoped and he is driving me going a bit batshit crazy with the slowness. Guess who is not cut out to be a Florence Nightingale? I mean, I think I am ok at it, but the whole doing EVERYTHING for someone for weeks on end? Dishes, laundry, picking up, catering, fetching and carrying? I grow weary. I feel like I need a vacation from this. I am wiped out. :/ Wow the outpouring of wah wah is somewhat unexpected but I shall leave it here for my own shame. I mean dude, I am so not the one who had the awfulness happen, I should really suck it up. Woe is not me right?

Which leads me to Fibre Friday! Last Friday, I was really up in it, dyeing/weighing/skeining/sorting at least 20 pounds of it for our next shop update. So you'll have to make do with a little more than a weeks worth!

Superwash South American Top in JJ's Kool Aid By kfb

Lady Rosalyn by Mama E Superwash BFL (and seriously, it is no where near as soft as ours.. lovely but I think our fibre is waaaaaaay nicer) from my stash.

Merino/Alpaca 50/50 blend can you say yum?

More kfb superwash SA top (can't remember what colour this is. will check)

AND, the start of 2 pounds of natural BFL superfine for ME!!!!

I really wish blogger would stop with the picture problems, FIX IT GODDAMMIT!

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