Friday, March 14, 2008

Fibre Friday

Chris is doing pretty well after his surgery. He is still in hospital, and we think probably for a couple of more days. He got some really beautiful lowers from his work, but they won't let him keep them there (he is on a LOCK DOWN TRAUMA WARD*) so guess who gets to appreciate them?

Now for this weeks offerings:

The cream is a merino/tencel mix that was YUMMY to spin. And really is that shiny. The Blues are from kfb of course. Merino. Gorgeous.

Fridays Finds.. all desirous things.

Sparkly and stunning. WANT!
So clever.
Even I who hates cards, loves these.

Happy weekend possums.

*Not because he needs to be locked down, or was in a trauma. You go where the beds are nowadays. Its a pain in the arse. Buzz to get in, buzz to get out. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ.

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