Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Paradise city

So the man has ended up in hospital again. This time hopefully some corrective surgery will be done to fix some bad scar tissue. Cause you know, the mouse tissue* works! It really works!! So in my small flurry of oh noes, I had to order some BFL to spin. Cause you know, along with mouse tissue, retail therapy works wonders. I have stuff to show ya'll but am too tired to take pictures. Just picture some pretty for now...

I had to recycle this picture. I just did.

*remicade=made of mouse tissue. My husband and my seeeester in law Miss Ang both squeeeeeeek. Yes they do.

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dana said...

Yikes.. you guys will be in my thoughts. I hope everything goes OK with the surgery and that retail therapy helps you out, too! xo