Friday, March 07, 2008

Fibre Friday

Even with the unexpected hospitalisation, I still managed to crank out some stuff. In fact the dogs and I were up into the wee hours for the most part. They were annoying me, I was spinning and watching movies.

The white/multicolour is merino that will soon be available on kfb soon (and at at whopping 462 g for a 2 ply, sorry haven't measured length yet) it is a whole lotta yarn!

The orange is part of a set that will also be up on kfb, and OMG YUMMY. Its the second whack of the the Spunky Eclectic I posted last week. Mmm... citrusy.

I have ended up with copious amounts of copies of the book I took part in last year Not Your Mamas Felting from the publisher. I had never gotten paid and when I did some inquiring, a lovely gal named Emily sent me out a whack of books, an enormous apology that somehow, someone let this stuff fall through the cracks and this is so not how they treat their paid contributors and the promise of a cheque to follow. I hate having stuff from last year hanging around my neck, so in this case the initiative paid off. Look for a contest on kfb soon for some of these copies! You will be expected to work for it though..

Oh Friday...

waves.. like on the ocean man!,
how amazing is this?? ,
I probably would. Just once. So I could say I did.


Lucy said...

Soooo, How's about that project you want me to atack for kfb? Let me know....

Hope Chris is feeling better soon,

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Pretty Yarn!! Glad you followed up on NYMF. I've had to do that before (with graphic design not fiber). It's nice when you get the closure that comes with actually getting paid for the design work you did. Hope all is improving on the home front