Sunday, September 02, 2007

Victory of Da Feet (groan)

Well well well...

So really, how stupid easy was this? Toe up, Turkish cast on (LOVE!) short row heels, and VOILA! You got a sock. Do another. YOU HAVE A PAIR. Who knew? It took a few hours each, (and probably would have been shorter if I hadn't been trying to watch a movie that scared the shit out of me about killer dolls which caused me to drop some random stitches and pick up other random ones. Note to self.. never knit while trying to cover/ing your eyes . Durr. Sorry about the craptacular photos, I now understand the lamentations of sock picture takers eveywhere.

Socks that Rock (and I take back everything I said about this stuff.. and really regret trading away the blue colourway now) heavyweight. in Purple Rain. I have enough for another pair! WOW! 50g a sock is pretty smack on. On the needles now and pair for Chris using up some Mission Falls Superwash in 3 different colours. I've had to rip them out a couple of times (yes you need the foot there to try it on) but I'm so happy about the Turkish cast on, I just DON'T CARE!

Pickles is back from the groomers and I am kinda sorry I clipped his long locks off. Not that he isn't cute, but he looks so grown up. BUT his fur is so ridiculously soft I can't stop petting him. He has had a few slips these past nights and had an accident or 2 in our room, so we will be a little more conscious about when he eats. It had been getting a little slipshod (my fault) and I need to be more aware of it.

He is still our 6.30 am wake up call. Which apparently can really tire a puppy out.

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Heather said...

Love the socks Karen!! You're going to be addicted now!
Pickles is so cute with his haircut! Makes me want another puppy!