Monday, September 10, 2007

Get down with the Sickness

Because apparently it is a sickness. This sock thing that is. Oh honestly.. I have it BAD too.. even Pickles thinks so.

Short socks for Chris out of Mission Falls Superwash. Hurray stash buster! These even felt like cheating cause they only took a couple of hours. NICE!

Now socks for me. Shibui sock (my new favorite!) and these only took a few days too.

And oh ho, thanks to the Knitting Grammy I am on to (yet) another pair!

This Knitpicks Tweed is AMAZINGLY soft and yummy to work with. Like WOW! WIPEOUT! Oh Nana.. you rock my (haha!) SOCKS!

So in the pursuit of happiness, this weekend led me and DANA THE ENABLER to hunt out more Shibui. While she was able to resist the siren call I alas. was not so lucky. Or maybe I AM the lucky one...

Like come ON! These are so silly.. OH YEAH!

Those ones up there are destined to be my CrAzY (Loser) socks. As for the beauteous blue ones beneath, Chris will have some more hand knitted goodness.

This morning I took Pickles into the vet to become like all Mars Bars made in Canada.. NUT FREE. haha. Max was none too impressed that Pickles got a car ride without him, but I think he'll understand when he gets back from the vets. And I'm sure will be laughing at him the whole time. Poor Pickle pants! Max is at a bit of a loss without him here, but is enjoying a much deserved rest.


Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Poor Pickles indeed! He'll love you. Socks are way too easy to get sucked into, small yarn commitment, quick (well, unless you're me) turn around, especially if you work with heavier sock weights. Instant gratification. What's not to like.

knittinggrammy said...

Sock it to me baby!! Glad you're liking the yummy tweed!!

Sara said...

I love that blue Shibui. Is the yarn expensive? Whoa, whoa. Don't tell me because I have WAY too many X-mas gifts to knit and DO NOT have time to start on anything new. Must Resist New Stash!!!
If you want to knit the purplish socks you will have to talk to Liza.

Poor Pickles. He'll soon be 2 balls short of a pair. I hope the vet gives him some really yummy drugs.

See you this Friday aft at the LYS?

Sara said...

You're not working anymore???? Really? Oh, that's a bummer. Or not. It depends on your perspective. :) Hee, hee. It's not like I really want to be working right now. I'd rather just be knitting.

Morgan said...

Hey lady ... those are some sexy socks you have going on there. I can't wait to see some sock pictures from the man with his on!

Poor piiiiickles. Hopefully all went well today ...

Heather said...

Karen you're a machine! I am such a slow knitter. I have the shibui in the funky colorful colorway too. It's gorgeous! I just had to have it.
Give Pickles some cuddles for me, it's hard to lose your man/doghood! But they are so cute when they are all cuddly and doped up.