Friday, September 28, 2007

Pickleskin rug!!!

He does this randomly all around the house. PICKLESKIN RUG!!!!

So as if to prove my techmuhnological impairment, I screwed with my blog and lost all my links (and holy shit you'd think I'd have learned from Nana by now huh?) and all my side bar stuff. I recovered my blog links, but haven't gone through and redone everything else. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll keep 'er clean. Slackers unite, like tomorrow maybe ok?
I have to say I really do have the cutest terriers in the world. As if to prove it have a look. Hey Moms! We aren't up to anything, nope.. not us!

I LOVE MY GAY DOGS! Or maybe they are just exploring.. I won't judge, just celebrate their love.

Now I took a picture of the slipper on.. it is so comfy! And fast. Did I mention fast? Cause it was sure fast. In fact, it took longer for them to dry than to make them.

Socks of the unknown yarn. I'm calling them ribsy because like they are ok? They don't look like much off, but on, NICE! Just a hair away from being done number one.

I have a bunch of sock yarn I'm DYING to knit up but am forced to wait for my Knitpicks order of super small needles to get here as I am a knitting hussy. LOOSE ok? I also got the Elann update and there is some yarn coming on Oct 16th that is positively calling me. I have a hankering for a sweatshirt gray sweater this fall. Something super soft and snuggly (which seems to be the word of the week yes?) to pull on.

Stay warm kittens, its gonna be a chilly weekend I think.


knittinggrammy said...

If and when get your sidebar fixed, go to your template on your dashboard and copy paste the whole f&*king thing into a notepad file!! You are supposed to learn from Nana's mistakes, not repeat them silly kitten!!

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Your dogs are way too cute!