Wednesday, September 19, 2007


When does Stash Enhancement stop feeling so good? Probably never right. Oh well.. When its hot stuff like this, should I care? The delovely Morgan was pretty damn pleased with the giving of a sweater and rewarded me thusly. MOAR STR! This time in the medium weight. Velvet Moon its called and having just washed my first STR's (in the machine!) they just got softer and slightly fuzzier and OMG YUMMIER.

Now some mystery yarn. There is no tags on it, no idea what the heck it is besides pretty. I reckon I'll have to do some testing to see if its super wash or?? Any ideas on what it is out there?

Mama E's Softee Sock. I have to tell ya'll, this is the nicest feeling Mama E's I have felt. No weird fuzzy, just soft soft soft. Hence the name huh? Durrr..

And finally the Harmony from Zen Strings. Going to Morgans is like going to the bestest yarn shop ever. All different brands for you to touch and ogle. Plus the hostess is hot. And did I mention fun? Goes without saying. :)

I also got a little Koigu action on the side from a sweetheart pal with a pink aversion. Matching skein coming soon from another lovey. I have such fantastic friends.

I did have to do a little enhancing on my own too... Colinette Cadenza that I fell for head over heels at a LYS. I am really losing it here.

Finally you didn't think I'd post without some more socks to show off did you? Knit Picks Tweed from the superfantastique Knitting Grammy! Oh Nana.. purple socks just like Donny Osmond.

We had an exciting weekend full of Vet Trips (GROSS STUFF better not mentioned here. Or anywhere) productivity and exciting-ness. Things are moving so quickly, I have to remember to slow down and take a breath. Like tonight. For UFC FIGHT NIGHT. YAY!!! And there is a PPV this weekend.. that is sure to make me stop for a minute.


Heather said...

Go Iceman!!!
Love the socks Karen. I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice enhancements, my dear. Luf the Koigu and, well, all of them.