Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lace me up

No really.. who knew? Lace knitting? I scoffed at it. I was all "yeah, whatever.. " now..


Ok so all drooling aside, I think may have it. The bug. Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino. 2 skeins. Country Garden colourway. Pattern is by Dana. Fall down dead from the gorgeous.

I need to make a public service announcement (with GUITAR!) I am starting some socks. Yes you read right. I'll go as far to say its an exercise my brain may have trouble with but WTF eh?

Now for a little stash enhancement. I hit it out to addies Material goods in Cochrane this weekend with the aforementioned Dana and looky what I found:

Dudes it was 40% off! And will make a lovely sweater yes? mm mmm! Also look what finally showed up:
Very pretty but I had such an unpleasant experience trying to get this stuff from Hipknits (in the UK), that I would never EVER order from there again. I would say the customer service was terrible, but being as it was pulling teeth to even get acknowledged I don't think I *had* any customer service. Emails went unanswered, and I was flat out lied to about shipping times. The product itself is lovely no doubt, but with the world being as competitive as it is, my dollars will go elsewhere. Shame that.

Now for a gratuitous puppy shot:

Take a good look cause he's going to get clipped tomorrow. Him and Max are just so darling together, they share a bed now, and even fell asleep touching noses last night. Oh my boys!


Sara said...

Fell asleep touching noses. Too cute!
BTW Pretty yarn.
I work Friday till 11 or 12. Will be in to hang out after that.
Now if you will excuse me, I have to go take care of a sudden ant problem. I think they all hatched at once and are taking off from their nests all at the same time. Or maybe it's a turf war. Either way it's absolutely disgusting. Swarming and flying ants all over the place. :p I'm creepin out!
PS Watch for the next installment of the life and times in Assholia. :)

Morgan said...

Hey! Thanks for today!! It was a ton of fun. Pickles "IS" just that cute as is Max! And that shawl!! love it.