Sunday, January 07, 2007

Please drive through

I know, I know.. I've heard all the complaints. Ok from the like 4 of you all who care how often I update but I have an excuse. Or a reason, or something I think. I left it laying around here somewhere. Under a pile of wrapping paper or maybe in the recycling, but never mind, I'm back!

Giftmas breakdown:

Have I mentioned my coffee love? If you know me at all (IRL or other) this is no surprise. I am crazy mad in love in with this bad boy! He makes me hot (coffee dirty minds!) and keeps me happy. With the addition of the sugar free syrups I have found, I am set. SET I TELL YOU!

Nope not hand knit. Just rocking anyhoo. Mine is red though, like the colour of SIN! heh heh.

Knitting breakdown in chronological order:

Top down Skul Cardigan.

Done with Blue Sky Worsted in Olive and Red. This was so unreal to knit with. It feels like cotton it does, and has a beautiful heavy drape to it. I went with a 3/4 sleeve as I really wanted a sweater I could wear with a wristband or bracelet. Silly.. maybe but I love it. The skul was fun and easy to do, I charted him out myself (keep an eye for him appearing in other places!) and am really happy with this.

Unikat Cardigan with thumbholes.

Another scrummy yarn to work with I have to say. This time I actually used waist shaping to get a nice fitted look and made super long 2x1 ribbed sleeves with thumb holes to keep the sleeves down when its cold. Great feature if I do say so myself and I see many more of these in my future. Unikat has a really nifty texture, almost kinda spongy, but so so so soft and absolutely next to the skin nice. I really loved working with this and am excited to see the new colours when they come in.

Debbil Hat for Jake

This is NOT the first time I have worked with this awesome novelty yarn (called PUNK.. how apropos huh?) but it is version 2.0 and the one that turned out the best. See I made a maroon version with ears for me (I call it my scabby hat), but Jake took one look and I knew I had to either make one for him or it would go *missing* (like my stripey arm warmers I knitted but really that is another story innit?) so I asked his preferences (Black Mom.. Duh. With devil horns) and whipped this up for him. Mine now looks slightly shoddy and the ears need to be re-done, so that pic will have to wait ok? He loves it, and has been threatened under pain of death not to give this away no matter how cute the girl. We'll see... right?

As of now I am working on a pullover (knock me down!) out of Malabrigo in Burgundy. When Amy and I opened up the box in we looked at each other and grinned like fools. "hello my next sweater!" She said.. I completely agreed and set off. It is scrumpdillyisious too. Even though I had a small hiccup that involved frogging a massive amount of work. See I did something I have never done before. I dropped a stitch (I have done that plenty before) but didn't notice until I had knit about 12-13 inches. When I laddered it up like a good girl, it went all weird and tight and made a HUGE pucker. I tried steaming it out. I tried wetting and pinning, I even tried dropping the damn stitch again. Nope. Amy was right (as usual) and so it was frogged. Whatever. It was a titch too big when I tried it on and I changed the waist shaping so all is well that ends well. Maybe. This will be my first pull over since my disgusting first sweater and I am excited to finish it.

Maybe another reason I'm excited to get it done is the luscious Lornas Laces in Ember I have waiting to knit. It came in last week and I had set aside enough to do a sweater for me when Chris came in the shop to pick me up. He wandered over to the back and called me over when he saw this yummy stuff and asked who it was for. "Me" I said. He gave me a look. You know.. a LOOK and I asked if he wanted a sweater made out of it. He was very enthusiastic about it. I also made him swear he would wear it and if he didn't I would NEVER KNIT FOR HIM EVER AGAIN. He gets it now. He really does. See I a little unresolved guilt about knitting for Chris. After the vest that never ended finally did, it was too big. I considered many options (asking him gain a lot of weight was tossed about, but eventually discarded as mean) and thought a wee bit of judicious felting may work. Guess what?


It might fit a fat little toddler as a dress, but as a vest? Uh no. It shrunk a whopping 2 feet in length, and NOT ONE BIT in width. The strange thing? It did it in about 2 minutes. Oh well.. I was overdue a massive disaster. Lets just end the year that way eh?

I DO NOT make News Year's resolutions, but I am going to try to post more frequently ok? Think happy thoughts and I hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday season.

Happy New Years!!


morgan said...

You updated. You really really updated. Now my day is complete*G*

does it heat milk too? So that it does latte's???

carmelclose said...

OMG a fresh post, you really are the best LOL!

Tara said...

*licking lips* that's a nice looking coffee maker!

Dana said...

Yeah- an update!! I love the felted disaster vest... maybe you can make it into a (fat) dog sweater? Like for a beagle or something. It could work. Or not.

Tangerine Dreams said...

Mmmm...lotta lattes you lucky girl. Everything looks awesome!!! Guess what. I just felted Craig's sweater too. It's been drying for a week now and looks like a Fat Toddler Tunic but weighs about the same as said Fatty.

Anonymous said...

MIL said
Thank you DIL for getting back into the groove. I've missed popping in to your site to catch up. Of course, I just get depressed looking at your latest creations, being a non-knitter and all!