Friday, January 26, 2007

I've got a case of the Fridays

Which is far better than the Mondays right? Maybe I just need more pieces of flair? Mm. In any case...

The Good!

I made another etailer order this past week. From an awesome little site called Skindecent!

Now you all know I am a product ho enthusiast right? well this little lady blew me out of the water with her outstanding customer service and more importantly.. her PRODUCTS! Wowsa! I ordered a 3 pack of her Foaming Bath Butter and having just got out of the shower and using her Fresh Baked Ginger Snaps scent I am in LOVE. I also got them in Sultry as Sin and Brown Sugar. The liquid Shea came to me in Brown Sugar as well and French Apple Pastry (which made my mouth fill with drool when I smelled it) and is resting comfortably on my skin right now! I also tried her Eau De Parfum in Brown Sugar (are you seeing the theme yet?) and Sultry as Sin. I'm wearing the Brown Sugar layered with the French Apple pastry and I am making myself hungry. Fantastic site, can't recommend her enough! She even emailed me to tell me I forgot to include what scents I want for my FREEBIES! Marliss.. you rock my world you do. I love supporting small business and what a bonus if its Canadian! LONG LIVE SKINDECENT!

Last night was a UFC Fight Night (I LOVE YOU SPIKE TV), A new Ep of Inside the UFC and 90 minutes of The Office. Does TV get any better? Well maybe tonight I will catch up on my Supernatural (no laughing) and then it will be perfect. I get so excited watching the UFC, Chris just laughs. He is a lucky man isn't he?


My boyfriend died. No really. My beloved espresso machine starting shooting water out of what I assume is a broken seal and gave it up after EXACTLY one month of use. Rotten bastard. Back he goes and I am now in the market for a new love. A Saeco maybe.. like this one..

I hate being let down. Meh to you stupid espresso machine. London Drugs better be co-operative about this.. I'd hate to have to smack a bitch. Or would I? Any recommendations are appreciated. After I cry myself to sleep, I'll start looking for a new love.


Nope no ugly here! I am cracking along on Chris' sweater and should maybe have some progress pix for ya'll soon. Damn he is TALL so it goes a little slower I say.

I am working tomorrow so if anyone is yarn hoing about I'll be there minding the shop and having a yarntastic day. Good weekend all...



Dana said...

So sorry to hear about the death of your beloved bf... I'd say a smack is in order, regardless of whether or not London Drugs is cooperative. I can't wait to see what sleek and sophisticated lover you bring home next!

carmelclose said...

No yarn hoing for me today :( - hubby is out of town, time for me to deal with the many brown bags of yarn that have overtaken my back room/office. Good luck with LD, they generally are a huge pain in the !@#$%^.

Christine said...

We've been lookin' at Saecos too, only in an online-drooling capacity. We're interested in the "just add whole beans & water and the bugger does the rest" magic ones. But they're a billion jillion dollars. Sigh. But, can you put a price on laziness?