Friday, January 19, 2007


Not that Friday really means much to someone who doesn't work the Monday to Friday grind, but it seems there is so much fun in the weekends... Like this weekend for example. We have a superexcellentfun birthday Fete to hit which will involve much drinking and dancing. Tomorrow is the FIRST Make 1 Yarns pub night! Now that Calgary has totally made the leap into the next century and banned all public smoking in bars, it is safe to take yer knitting and booze it up. I sound a right lush eh? Well those days are over, I am an official lightweight nowadays. I mean I have exception to the rule times, but mostly, its a few drinks and I'm schonckered. God I love beer.


-Max is on a carpet. A dirty really needs to be cleaned carpet, but yes, a carpet.

-The foaming wand (that sounds DIRTY) on my boyfriend espresso machine works like a hot diggity damn. Hence my obsession with lattes right now. I had a cinnamon one this am. Mmmmm........

-Max does indeed have superpowers. The power to super grovel, the power to melt all hearts with a square km, and the power to kill with teh cute. Oh and the power to annoy me mightily when I want to sleep. His weaknesses are limited to terrier kryptonite (cookies and all people food, which have all the power in the world over him) and bigger scarier dogs in the alley. VIVA LA MAX!

-Max will maybe one day have his own skul sweater. MAYBE.


I have finished the Malabrigo sweater. No modelled shots right now, I really can't take the pics of myself, it looks so My space :P So this is it! It was a dream to knit up, even if I did have to rip it back a few times to tweak it.

As you can see I am still hooked on the ribbed sleeves, Yup. The colour is just called Burgundy (how dull!) but Chris thinks it looks like wood grain, and I think it looks like Mars. I'd call it Red Planet if I was the Malabrigo peeps but alas, I am not. What do you think?


See this? How cool is this? I am the luckiest of the lucky to have gotten such a wonderfully coolio bag. AND that yarn? That yarn (Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in EMBERS) is right now at this very minute being turned into a v-neck sweater for Chris. Yum yum yum! Now in case you missed it:

Skulls!! Sorry for the craptastic picture, I don't know how to work the camera that good yet. Hells, I am lucky to have figgered out how to d/l the pics I take and re size em.

I hope you all have safe and happy weekend.. and I need to give a big virtual hug to our Morgan. You know you are loved sweet girl. Happy birthday!!

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Dana said...

You are officially the fastest knitter I know.. I was happy to get a hat done this week! By the way, I LOVED your Skacel sweater from a few posts back (with the thumbholes). It looks like it fits you so well, plus I know from my own skein how soft and luscious the wool is!