Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Text rocks!

I went to my reunion. It was hysterical! I am still the weirdo* (thank god/goddess/allah/kali and/or voodoo man) even after all this time. But in a good way. I had way more fun than I thought I would and am VERY happy that we went. It didn't hurt that I had a whole bunch of girls ask who the hottie was (uh.. my husband!) I was with. He even got in on the action by posing with our yearbook with another husband who didn't go to our school. Most excellent.

Yesterday I went to my first day of work. Work? You say. Yes WORK! I feel very spoiled to say I work at Make 1. Along with my teaching, my Full Of It class runs tonight and for the next weeks on Wednesdays! I am now an official EMPLOYEE. Hurrah!! Its already kickstarted my creativity again (phew) and I have some new projects in the works. In my head at least. Today I go back TO WORK, and teach after. Busy day for me! YAY WORK! Oh and I was proclaimed the queen.. finally someone noticed!!

*I look YOUNG (really YOUNG). I knew hating the sun would come in handy one day. No one else had any piercings or anything. Buncha conservatives! V weird!


Andrew said...

Congrats on the Queen title! Reunions can be a blast. I don't know why some people poo-poo them as not worth their time.
To Love, Honor and Dismay

morgan said...

I think that your hair looks great (since I saw it yesterday) and CONGRATS on being an official member of Make1!! That SOOOO totally rocks.

granolagirl said...

I'm so stoked to sign up for one of your classes in the fall, once I'm back in school and finally home for more than 5 days in a month.

Christine said...

Wheeeee! So exciting :)

Pics of the reunion, please!!!

Kathy said...

I totally could've called that - you being the coolest chaquita around any reunion. And I'm so bummed too can't sit on your class. Mopey face.