Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just in case

You all thought I had totally lost the knitting vibe.. NOPE! I have put aside the BOILING hot log cabin in favour of small happy things I can actually finish. Now these don't look like much.. YET. Oh ho but they will. MARK MY WORDS!!!

Nope they aren't giant oversized novelty hats (my husband pooh poohed the idea that these would be great for his giant oversized novelty head.. "NOT EVEN CLOSE" is a direct quote I swear!) they will be...

FELTED BOWLS!! From the wonderful One Skein book. I reckon I should needlefelt some embellishments on them, but man are they fast going! The big ones took about an hour and a halfish. The small one less than an hour. Way to feel productive!

I have also started a wee experiment with the help of the fantasgreat Dana *getablogalready* from Knit Club. We will see how this hot mess gets going. If it works it could be super stupendous!

I'd also like to say HI! to my Mummy in law and Seester in law. I finally sent them the URL so they can check up on me and my craftiness.. NOTE TO SELF.. Maybe don't post pics of WIPS for them ok? I know it seems a durrrrr moment, but PUHLEASE. I am BLONDE OK??? (and as if to further that.. I spelled blonde wrong the first time I wrote it. SMRT. Me fail english? Thats unpossible!) so THERE!

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