Thursday, August 24, 2006

Post felt and a showboat

Alright then, the bags they tuned out to both be: 7 inches long x 6.5 inches wide. Nifty yes? Now the thing is, I knit the stockinette one from a REWOUND ball. Meaning I knit from the outside (I think) and it has a definite skew to it. One of my students, she did the same thing and talk about twisted? It looks nifty but is really a twisty little bugger. I'll have to check with Amy, something to do with the s or z twist on the lambs pride (since it is a single) and I'm so not on the spinning thing.... Maybe I think for my next class we should use Cascade (a plied worsted) instead to manage this. Still they are fuzzy and sweet. Stay tuned to see the next installment with needle felted design!

On the horizon, I have chosen my next project (aside from that poor ol log cabin that sits neglected waiting patiently to be done) for ~ME~! Don't you just wanna die at the loveliness that is Lornas Laces SUPERWASH in Black Pearl? I do. It has a titch of shine to it and just so scrumptious to the touch it makes me and baby jesus weep with joy. Ok I can't *really* speak for him, but I'm sure Kali would love it, so... Close enough.

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and do a top-down Wrap Cardigan from Knitting Pure & Simple. Amy let me try hers on and that was that. Flattering, warm and DID I MENTION THE YARN?? OMG. Sandra was kind enough to make a couple of yarn cakes for me (and I learned how to use the swift and ball winder GO ME!) so I better get a knittin'!

I had put this up as the leetle head just slays me. LOOK AT ME! says Max the wonder terrier.

NO REALLY! He is just such a showoff...


granolagirl said...

Cutest felted purses, can hardly wait to sign up for your class at our fav LYS, max looks like a toy!
What time is thistles and where the heck is thistles tomorrow??The knitclub site no longer lets me post messages, something about my email account bouncing??

Christine said...

HAHAHAHA!!! That picture of Max is hilarious. Like a little Jabba the Yarn.

Guinness is so uncute lately, because all he does is wait around for the cat to poo so he can eat it >P

kathy said...

What a wicked pic of Max! You and your baby Jesus!!

Dorothy said...

Beautiful yarns and the cutest picture of your dog.

granolagirl said...

I just registered for your September/October full of it course!! So excited! Now how am I going to wait til then??