Wednesday, January 21, 2015

merrymaking at my place

so pickles has this kinda gross thing going on with his coat. it's not *totally* grody, but he gets these little spots on his back near his tail. the good thing is I've figured out how to treat it. it's just this special shampoo. it's like 28$ a bottle but whatcha gon' do?* the thing is, it has to stay on him for like 10 minutes to work. that is a REALLY long time to have him in the kitchen sink (where I usually bathe the dogs) staring and trying to shake the stuff off. so I've solved the problem by letting him shower with me. I start out by getting him all lathered up and by the time I'm done I just rinse him off and VOILA!

but it is awkward as hell while we are both in there. sigh.  

*immortal words of Chris Rock

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Heather said...

When he was young, Solomon used to jump in the shower with me all the time. I would be in there shampooing my hair and then crash he would jump over the side of the tub and through the shower curtain. He loved it! Glad you found a solution!