Friday, January 16, 2015

I'm up all night to get lucky

making a new playlist is always a bit of a chore. at least on my computer. it's not the picking of songs, it's getting my asshole 'puter to recognise my phone so I can sync it. feh. I usually make one list at the beginning of the year and add and subtract to it until the year is over. I've been doing this since 2010. 5 years. and some songs I put on it EVERY TIME?

I only eat candy -Nerf Herder
white lines -Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel
lit up -Buckcherry
fuck shit up -Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
don't stop me now -Queen
what I got -Sublime

new song I am currently in love with is Bruno Mars Uptown Funk. oh MY!

tell me about your musical loves. or even just what you're digging right now. I"m in dire need of new stuff. do help a sister out...


Heather said...

What is it about Buckcherry - I love that song too! And you can never go wrong with Sublime.
This will sound cheesy but I love the song Downeaster by Billy Joel LOL. I also love Passive by Perfect Circle - neither songs are new. I also love Season of the Witch by Donovan and I know you either love her or hate her, but Do What You Want by GAGA is one of my favourites to belt out in the car. I love that new Bruno Mars too!

karen said...

I have a bunch of Billy Joel on this latest list. I'll have to go listen to Perfect Circle, I've never heard them. I like a lot of cock in my rock, not sure how/why that evolved, but damn. :)