Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gamma Ray

my husband, who is normally a super caring, lovely guy did the shittiest thing ever. he went out and got a cold AND GAVE IT TO ME. clearly I couldn't have gotten it, what with not going out anywhere. the timing was pretty good though. it was at the end of the hols. so we didn't spend 2 weeks sneezing at each other. so that's a thing right? actually the holidays were pretty awesome. got to spend the day of our lord and saviors (or as we call it THURSDAY) birth with the kid and his super lovely girlfriend. I haven't had that nice of a day for a long time. and my Moms sausage* stuffing recipe was well represented (and EATEN YO) and we even ate at a table. I'd say like grown ups but nah. it was a card table covered with one of my scarves. gotta stay true.

our dogs are special.

*even though I had to use different sausage than normal due to "quality issues at the plant (E-COLI)" as tactfully told to me by the nice Safeway meat lady. PHEW BULLET DODGED.


Heather said...

John gave me the plague too. It kicked in late Boxing Day and I stayed in bed for 4 days! It was a nasty one!

Heather said...
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