Monday, January 24, 2011

No colours any more I want them to turn black...

 The saying goes if you want something done give it to a busy person. I think it's pretty much on the money. I'm hoping the movie a day project  kick starts some forward momentum. It's easy to slide back, to settle in. To make it easy and comfortable and go with the status quo. Let's kick it in the nuts and movie forward*. Slowly and kinda hobbling, but forward none the less.

Pickles Chewbacca goes all picture 'ho when I turn on t he camera. It makes a little chime and you can see his ears perk up, and he simply has to come investigate. I have to boot him off my knitting to take pictures of it, but of course after I take some pictures of him. You know for posterity. This is a test knit for a gal on Rav. I LOVE it! She doesn't have the pattern up yet, but you can check it out on my project page to see the details.

I think I chose the perfect yarn for this. Chris says it looks like a camo net you use in the jungle. It made the greatest scarf, breathable and super warm. Plus it looks lovely on! We've had such mild weather this last few days I've been going out with just a hoodie or sweater and a scarf. Perfect walking around gear. The roads are a slushy mess but +5?! I'll take it thanks.

Max can even take off his sweater now! I don't know how long this warm will last so let's enjoy it while we can alright?

*see what I did there? haha.

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ReadingByLearning said...

I was getting all revved up for the latest from the physics world until I stumbled upon your neat yarn projects!