Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hell is around the corner.

I have the notion that I should try to watch a movie a day. More specifically a horror movie a day. Not that it hasn't been done before* but I rarely want to set goals for myself because I am lazy, afraid of failing, really really lazy not a goal oriented person.I've been thinking about it for a few days and the idea has stuck. Probably because we've watched nothing but horror movies for a week now. So I may not be able to make all 365 days, I'll try heartily, but will be super impressed if I hit 300. AND since I don't know if I can find 300+ (although I'll damn sure try)  HORROR movies I'm going to open the genre up a bit and include sci-fi, fantasy and thrillers. Sounds like I'm wussing out already...

I've decided to move this idea to another blog entirely:

Horror movie of the day!

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Dana said...

Oh man, I can barely make it through ONE horror movie without being terrified out of my wits for a good month (or two!) afterward. Who's the wuss now? I commend you on your steely resolution and hope that you can fill as many days as you can with actual horror movies and not cop-out 'fantasy' films.