Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sanitarium.. just leave me alone...

I need to buy some winter type foot wear. All I wear are sneakers. No heels, no sandals, no boots. Sneakers. Oh and I have one pair of ballet flats I am crazy mad, mental insane in love with. Not practical for winter right? I used to wear all different kinds of shoes, clogs, heels, platforms, boots you name it. I have gotten so super lazy with my fashion sense, I guess it doesn't help that I dress like a 14 year old skater. I get so excited when I find something that is remotely *fashionable that I wear the shit out of it. And it is usually a fluke, like finding a sweater in the lingerie dept that I don't even know where to start looking for *normal* clothes. I'd love to find something to cover my feet that aren't sneakers, but everything feels so not sneaker like that I get frustrated. The joys of being a perpetual skater kid.

I haven't been acting like normal lately. I was a monogamous knitter for the longest time. It set me apart from other knitters as I would be finishing stuff all the time. Since I have discovered the joy of multiple projects it's like a whole new world opened up. BUT, I had nothing to post for ages. The bonus? When I finish stuff it seems to be all at once now!

This was a test knit for a gal on Ravelry. Gorgeous pattern (be. leaf.) and scrumptious yarn. Can you ask for anything more?

I love that this shawl was used by a group on Ravelry as a Supernatural KAL. One of my favourite shows EVER. The pattern is Gabriel's Wings, so I can see how it was close enough to Castiel for them to pick it. Great pattern and I love these shawlettes for fall. Winding them about my neck makes everything instantly warmer.

This took me FOREVER to finish and was the reason I started to cheat on my knitting in the first place. It is a gorgeous pattern called Laodice that I bought. It's gorgeous and soft and easy but DAMN. Did it ever take ages to finish! Totally worth it in the end.

I have been knitting all these shawlette/scarves and actually wearing them. This is the most productive, actively used knitting I have ever done. Selfish knitting mostly. I did knit one of these and sent it off to a pal in LA. I don't know if ever gets cold enough there for them, but I love her dearly and thought she should see it done out into something tangible. Besos Rhian.

The dogs have been practicing their sychronised sleeping! Aren't they getting good? Poor Max is back into his sweaters for the season. I shaved him down, but he really need it. He was smelly and shaggy. poor old goat.

Listening to Metallica in the morning is awesome. Great vacuuming music!

*not a t-shirt/jeans/hoodie.


Anonymous said...

I am all about the boots in the winter. I have tall black ones, tall brown ones, short grey ones, and medium brown ones. I am obsessed and they are all flat which makes them comfy and boots are always fashionable ;). That being said what's wrong with sneakers anyway, just find some of those cute fleece lined ones and you're set! Love your beautiful knitting as always! I can't believe you have become a swinger with the projects ;).

karen said...

tell me where these boots are from my love... I want to go to the darkside!!

Dana said...

Somehow, I managed years of Calgary winters in nothing but Puma sneakers... how the hell?!

I bought some really nice "Timberland" brand winter boots here- flat and flattering but with treads just like their hiking boots. I can be warm, waterproof, feminine, AND safe from slipping all in one! They are the best boots ever.