Friday, October 15, 2010

Why do I smile at people I'd much rather kick in the eye?

Welcome to October!!!! Time for lovely walks through the drifting, crunching leaves. The smell of decay and cool winds. Hallowe'en (that's for you Christine) and candy, costumes, spooky pumpkins. Or there's this...

I would be lying if I said I hate this. I don't. I kinda like snow. Maybe not in the dead of winter when we get 30 cm in a day, but now? It's nice. It makes me want to cook soup and knit more frantically. With heaps of horror movies to watch, what more can a gal want? It lets me put off the haircut that Pickles needs, it encourages snuggling. All good things.

Also it hides dog turds in the back yard. Pickles is entranced with it, Every year it's like he forgets and has to rediscover it. Usually it scares him a little bit at first.

He keeps standing in it, pushing it with his nose a bit to see if it will move, stick or melt. Max? He sees it and looks at me like "really? ugh. ok, let's get this over with. help me down the stairs." Poor doggie.

I've been making some rings* in my frenzy to appear fashionable. They are easy peasy and very glam I must say. See?

Swanky huh? I've given a few away, and have been thinking of re-opening my etsy shop. We'll have to see. It's a little sick that I'm matching my polish to them. Wow.

Other things I love about fall? All the Halloween decor! Behold the mug of DOOM.

Every morning this makes me just that much happier. Which is a good thing as we are tinkering with my Fibro meds right now. I'm in some weird place that is somewhat unsettling (and I've had some shitty things happening that has nothing to do with anything but plumbing. Of the real kind in the house, not MY plumbing! Those in know, know how awful this has been. :/) but I have faith that I'll get these meds sorted eventually. I'm not sure if I'm sleepy or in pain or just restless sometimes and it does come out in a blather. But I have good friends and an amazing family to help me through this. I'm seriously the luckiest girl I know.

Wow... that got real serious there. Now to completely change the subject, here's Pickles with his stupid raccoon (racon for Jake) Rocky. He ripped a huge hole in his head and won't let me fix it. Such a true character.Or jerk. Take your pick.

Knit fast, Die Warm!

*not for you Sauron, Bugger off.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful rings - I love the greyish one, and the polish too. They would sell like hotcakes. I would wear everything in grey if I could.
Lucky & lovely. Enjoy the autumn cuddles :)

Dana said...

Those rings are awesome! What did you make them out of?

Karin said...

Those rings are cute as can be, and quite "Glam" - and I thought you were using Photoshop to match your nails! Way to go, taking all that time & trouble! I cannot believe you are looking at SNOW - I'm still in T-shirts and loving it! My pup has that very SAME racoon, and doggoned if she didn't chew a hole in him & remove his squeak on the very first day! Ah well, most of her friends have had their innards removed and she still loves 'em, just as much. Good luck if you open etsy - I've been open a few months now, and I do sooooo much better at craft sales, in person. LOTS of people bemoaning the low views, no sales, etc...

karen said...

@Christine, thanks. you are so encouraging, I love you.

@Dana they are cabochons I got form a supplier. I lurve them.

@Karin What is it about the raccoons? we finally tossed rocky into the great big garbage beyond last night. Pickles got a new chipmunk flat toy, and we even did get a replacement rocky. he'll have to wait for that. Yeah etsy is really geared for heavy promoters now. I'll have to see about local. that would work better for me too.. but do let me know where/what your shop is!