Friday, October 29, 2010

History never repeats, I tell myself before I go to sleep...

I came across a blog of a person I used to be really good friends with. An enormous part of my life included her. We were inseparable for a good long time. Now? We don't speak. Not one thing was the impetus of the ending of our friendship, but many small things, and the realisation that a toxic person is toxic no matter how long you've known them. No matter how much history you've had with them. Reading her blog made me understand how important it is to remember the way things really were. Not some sort of bullshit revisionist history you create to romanticise yourself, or to make you look better to your audience. Warts and all, it's valuable to be able to look back and sort out why you did things, to ensure you don't make those same mistakes over and over. Lessons learned the hard way seem to be the ones that we should try to hold on to. To really implement into our lives. It made me a little bit sad to read her blog, but it also was a fabulous reminder of why she isn't in my life anymore. I'm better for it. Her, I don't so much care either way.

I used to be all about the Halloween. Dressing up, going out, decorating. It was my Christmas. Now, I'm ambivalent. I see things in the shops I would have gone mad for, gross awful things which I still squeeeeee about, but no longer want to buy it all and hang it up in my living room. Since when did the appropriation of all the horror movie stuff that shocked the normies get normal? Hmmm.....


Pickles went and hurt himself this week. we figure he went into the long dead grass in the backyard and got something in his eye. It never got bad enough to get him to the vet (but I did make an appointment for him next week that I canceled), but enough to worry the Dog-Mom in me. Jake and I were chatting about it, and I remarked that Max had never had to hit the vet for anything more than shots. Jake said "Max may be stupid*, but he sure is careful!" How true.

Happy Halloween little monsters!

*he is. he doesn't care. he really really is. we love him more for it.

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Dana said...

It's crazy how we can grow so far apart from people that we stuck to like glue before. It really puts things into perspective, hey?

I love Max's duck costume. Stupid but careful-- it could be worse! ;)