Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ain't that some shit?

I hate plumbing problems. HATE THEM. I have no idea how it works, and they are always so damn expensive! I keep telling Jake to learn to be a plumber, it's a license to print money I say! So when our hot water in the kitchen shut off for good* we were borked! Blergh. Chris pokes around at the faucet for a few minutes and tells me to phone the plumber in the morning.

So I phone the plumber in the morning. The same guys who did our dishwasher rough in and install. Some Russian/Eastern Block dude comes over turns the faucet on and proclaims it's the cartridge and he can't repair it because it's an IKEA faucet and their parts aren't standard, and the faucet is a piece of garbage and we really should get a new one as IKEA blows goats yadda yadda. He tries to sell me a 700$ (I blurted out HOLY SHIT NO WAY when he told me the price. then I started laughing) super fancy faucet. When I politely declined he said we could get a pretty good one at say Home Depot and get them to install it. I'm pretty pissed off at this point (I like having hot water in the kitchen. call me weird) so I tell him I'll talk to my husband about it. He left and to be fair, didn't charge me anything for coming out so yay for that.

I call IKEA to see if I can buy a replacement part. The dude tells me they don't carry them, and has no idea where I can get one. I was REALLY pissed of at this point and I cussed out the dude and hung up. I called Chris at work to tell him the bad news. He came home and we were getting ready to go buy a new faucet when he said "Lemme try something first!" Alrighty then! So he pulls some stuff apart, gets a big pot out and puts it behind the faucet (ok, writing faucet out so many times makes it look like a non word now!) fiddles around, pulls out some stuff and turns on some water, uses come compressed air and BAM! The faucet is FIXED. Turns out there was a blockage in the tube from the shut off to the tap. HURRAY!!!! A hearty thanks to the (now almost) handy man, and a big poke in the eye with a sharp stick to the SO CALLED professional.

The weather here has been so grey and rainy, I hate it. I don't mind that cold, but the grey? YUCK. I still don't know how you all on the Island can take it. It bums me out. I suppose getting used to these new meds I'm taking for the Fibromyalgia isn't helping either. I feel a little fuzzy, and disconnected from myself a little. I miss my Mom and I worry about my Dad. I am just a bundle of happiness, unicorns, wizards, rainbows and puppies aren't I?

I'm also doing slightly out of character things too. Nothing weird, just doing 3 knitting projects at the same time. Something most knitters do, but I've always been a fairly monogamous knitter. Not anymore. At least not now. I'm test knitting an awesome shawl for a gal on Ravelry and it is turning out GORGEOUS. I love me some red Malabrigo lace! The downside is I don't have any pictures for you. Not yet anyways.

AND... since my husband was such a good sport about his Slanket picture I reckon turnabout is fair play. This is totally what I look like most evenings. With less feigned joy. I have everything I need in my little corner. Water with a straw**? Check! Knitting? Check! Incense burning? Check! Bathrobe? Check! Small Dog? Check! Some sort of snack (usually still yogurt.. holy hell food jag much??)? Check! 

And what have you been doing?

*we've been having this problem for months and months but it has always resolved itself in 5 min or so. UNTIL NOW

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