Thursday, July 15, 2010

life goes on BRA!

We had visitors from the west coast this last weekend. It was so good to see Chris' parents.. it's far too long between visits. we didn't do a whole lot, but we did get to Stampede. First time in 10 years for us, 50 for my MIL (please don't kill me)! It was still.. yup.. Stampede! But we did go see SUPERDOGS!! Which was super. The host mentioned he had been doing it for the last 35 (25?) years and I don't think he had purchased any new clothes since then. They were very, um, natty. Like a game show host from the 70's. And happily as gay as a Christmas tablecloth. He was hilarious. They had 3 little pugs (HEATHER!!!) that ran this little flag course.. I about died from the cute. Ate a corn dog, some mini donuts and called it a day.

The rest of the weekend was pretty rainy, and I wasn't feeling super great so we all laid low. Watched the futbol, had some Chinese (spicy hut!) and caught up. Pickles made new BFF's. He was such an attention ho, I think he completely charmed Moms and Pops.

Do you see what a good sport my husband is? I caught him wearing my robe like a slanket and forced him to capitulate to some extremely shameful photos. Yes he is reading my Fangoria magazine and having a tasty treat out of my flirt mug. Gods, he is a keeper!

 I have been knitting, knitting, knitting. One project keeps getting put aside for faster, easier, smaller ones. I never thought I'd break with my knitting monogamy!

Poor little Max got some sort of gross thing on his foot (a wart I think, he is slowly turning into a roaming lump farm) so I put a little bandage on it so he'd leave it alone. It is working. I think.

We had a wicked hail storm last week.. our car is dimpled (not from smiling too much I tell ya!) and it beat the shit out of the trees. It was CRAZY HAIL.

Thems some big balls!

PS That is me up there. I found some photos in the car (!) and scanned them. I reckon this is the last time I wore a 2 piece. I think I was about 3.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I now have to go to the Stampede and see Superdogs. The pugs must have been adorable! I cannot believe that hail, we didn't get any down south. PS: Chris is totally a keeper! (but we already knew that)