Sunday, August 29, 2010

We all float on

After this weekend I may need to get this app. We went to Montana's for lunch on Friday. We never go there but Chris was told by his GI Dr that he is low in iron so he wanted some RED MEAT and off we went. I order chicken finger because sometimes I roll like a toddler. The food came out and we dug in. I took one bite and it happened. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. It wasn't going down, in fact it wasn't going anywhere. I couldn't breathe or move and my ears started to ring. I looked at Chris across the table wordlessly and made my hands go around my neck. He laughed and then looked really weird.. he asked if I was choking and I nodded. The ringing was getting louder. He stood up and came over to my side of the booth (he is a trained first aid responder) and started to get behind me to give me the Heimlich. The ringing was getting louder and I thought "oh fuck, I don't wanna die in a Montana's! this SUCKS!" Utilising a Herculean force I managed to kinda throw up the blocking chicken piece and GASPED for air. Chris sat down and asked if I was ok. He said he knew it was trouble when I went dead silent. No noise is bad. I shook for about an hour after it was all said and done, and even managed to nibble on some chicken. I was really hungry what can I say?

I had no idea so many thoughts could race through your mind in such a short time. It was one of the scariest things that has ever happened. even if nothing did happen. Lesson learned, chew your food better. But I have to say I am a little bit scared of big solid food still. I've been eating lots of yogurt. :/

More knitting: Citron out of some colour changing cotton yarn. I'm not sure about the yarn, it's cool, but not fantastic to knit with. Very splitty and the colour change parts have knots in them. I think I am a wool girl at heart. Cotton seems lifeless in my hands. No bounce or spring. Blocking is a PITA* and um... I dunno..

But it *is* pretty! I may have gone on a little yarn bender when Chris was gone to Houston.

There's some nice wool in there I tell ya! Almost all of it was 50% off too. Shamefully I have a nail polish bender to almost rival that too.. it's the colours that get me. Every time.

*pain in the arse


Dana said...

Scary!! I'm glad to hear that everything worked out and that you're OK... and mostly that you didn't die in a Montana's restaurant. That would have been tragic on so many levels. :(

Anonymous said...

HOLY FUCKING SHIT, Karen. That is the scariest thing ever. I am shaking. I'm so glad Chris was with you, and you could get it out.

Let's, uh, finalize that coffee date right now.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Karen! That is so scary. A similar thing happened to my sister when she was about 8 except it was at Singapore Sam's with a chicken ball, and she still can't eat chicken. Chew your food girl, we need you around!

So glad you are okay! Maybe stick to smoothies for a while ;)

karen said...

thanks ladies! it was really really scary!