Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Marked for good

I actually have some photos of new and awesome things.

Like ME!

I have been plotting these tattoos for a LONG time. See my Dad has these birds on his hands and I remember being utterly fascinated with them as little girl. I wondered why everyone's Daddy didn't have them (wusses) and I loved them. So FFWD 40 years and here they are! The one with the little rose? For my Mom. Although she cried when I got my first tattoo, I think she likes these. :)

And some stuff I knitted: unfortunately no modeled shots. But I do hope to rectify that at some point in the future. Both sweaters knit from the same yarn. Lana Gatto Bambini Soft. Super good deal at Elann.com.

The garter one is a rav pattern thats super easy and fast to knit.

The grey one? My own made up-ness. Since new tattoos call for shorter armed sweaters, good thing I can oblige huh?

Man shorter armed sweaters knit up FAST!

Pickles is providing much picture fodder these days. When he sees the camera come out he poses like a supermodel. So its kinda rare that I can catch him in a candid* unposed shot. Boy does he love his PEST** tent. And his toys. Nope not at all spoiled.

I have to thank Michelle for the link (see picture at top pf page thnx) to the Superhero Creator. I'm LOVING it.

*OMG I am totally one of those crazy people who thinks I'm catching my dog in a candid
moment. Lock me up.
**Like in Deadwood. Pest tent. Hahaha.


knittinggrammy said...

Nice birds!! Yup, my dad was a wuss so I'm kinda jealous LOL!!

Dana said...

I absolutely love your new tattoos. And I loved creating my own superheroine, too-- I'll post her up soon! xo

Anonymous said...

Who did your new ink? Just wondering, the guy that did mine has just moved into a new shop and my oldest son is going to work there. Apprentice in training......like he needs more tats....lol The birds are very nice. I'm thinking with my son working in a shop I may have to induldge in another one.

Knit - R - Done said...

I'm going to copy that pink sweater like a celebrity hairstyle. It's so cute.

Love the tattoos. Here in Montana there isn't any regulation for tattooing, so I'm waiting until the Air Force moves us again. Lovely stuff.

Heather said...

Karen. Love the sweaters!! The pink and grey one is so cute! I want one!!
The birds are beautiful! Gorgeous artwork and I love the symbolism behind them.