Sunday, March 22, 2009


On a whole buncha stuff.


SPRING MY ASS. This was taken this am so the dogs could go out to pee. The door couldn't be opened until Chris shovelled. UGH.

Dogs who won't stay outta the back 9. Then cry cause they are too jammed up to walk.

People who claim something has happened only maybe 2x when you know that is as false as false can be? RIGHT. /eyeroll

Things I am not calling out?

Gorgeous flick carded cormo locks. From The Fiber Denn Fleece on Etsy. Wow. This is spinning up like BUTTAH. And yes, I did the flick carding.

I also have a whack of Polwarth that I am processing by hand. Time consuming and very pretty. I'll try to get Chris to do some photo journalistic pics of it being done soon. Very old school.

Another thing that doesn't suck*? Going to Vegas in a couple weeks.

Nope. No suck there.

*Soul Calibur 4. FULL OF WIN.

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Dana said...

I hope spring will come to Calgary ASAP. It's pretty cool here in Victoria, too (aka the daffodils that normally come up in January didn't come up until March. *cough*).