Friday, February 20, 2009

Random strangeness.

Things that have happened over the last couple of weeks.

1. The mom asking Chris and I to take her underage kids into the Friday the 13th remake. Um no? Its 18A for a reason*. Boobies (fake ones :/)/sex and gore. You either take them yourself or oh I dunno, SAY NO? Parents are such wusses these days. PS It sucked.

2. MORE SNOW. Ugh. Just say no. But at least its bright and sunshiny. I would go more bananas if it rained all the time. For real.

3. ROCK BAND 2!! We haven't even needed to turn on the no fail option!

4. The TV came!

5. Finished another sweater.

6. Jake is 17 today! Happy Birthday wee baby Jake.

7. OH! And it's Pickles birthday too! Happy 2nd my Pickley pal!

Happy weekend all!

*yeah.. I know it totally doesn't sound like something I'd care about, but dude, I really do. I have my buttons. This is one of them. You can ask Jake how I didn't let him play M games or watch R movies. He thought it was lame, but he he still knew where my stance was.

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