Friday, March 13, 2009

Springing into action

I've just heard from an old pal that she is expecting. Ooooh baby knitting! What an exciting prospect!

Finished: one more sweater*. From the book Custom Knits its the Favorite (it kills me a little inside to spell it that way you know) Cardigan and I listed my mods on the Ravelry page for it. I love it. The colour is more true in the first picture. Mmmmalabrigo. From Mmmmorgan.

Tattoo info:

Tattoo was done by an amazing artist named Rick Wilson working at Strangeworld Tattoo here in Calgary. The nicest shop ever. Super clean styley place with big flat screens on each station and they were totally playing 28 Days Later when I went. Le sigh. He was an awesome guy, really friendly and had the bonus of being cute and liking alot of the same things as me which makes 2 hours of tattooing fly. I can't wait to get more. MORE MORE MORE.

We have a wedding to go to tomorrow so I guess I have to get out my one vaguely dressy dress/slutty waitress outfit. Hahaha not. Oh well. Thankfully its ok to wear black to weddings now. At least it said so in the newest edition of Glamour Magazine (my only lady mag weakness) so there. I haven't met the bride or groom (the groom is one of Chris' pals) so hey! What the hell huh?

Captain Flashbang** is wholly addicted to Call Of Duty (doody! haha) World at War and is a total write off and is prone to yelling out shit that makes no sense at all while playing. "I WANT THAT LITTLE THING!" "OOOPS BUDDY!" "JESUS I KILLED YOU HAHAHAHA SORRY!"

oh well at least its not crack. right?

This was photo shopped for my Dad who loves this picture of Max/Matlock with his whole heart.

It never fails to make him laugh.

Chris was up in Prince George this week, so I watched a whole lotta movies. Inside Deep Throat (a documentary about the porno movie that changed the world! ) Religulous (amazing. Actually Dad, you'd really enjoy this) and Dracula 2000. So bad, so very very bad, it was good.

The weather is finally warming up. But for how long? Sigh.

I'm starting to feel the siren call of Vegas. This winter has sucked the will to live err... um no that sounds about right, outta us all.

*Sweater count for 2009: 5 so far.
**Chris. Not Pickles.

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Dana said...

If I could churn out even 1/8th of your knitting output in a year, I'd be a very happy girl! ANOTHER sweater?! You go!