Friday, March 28, 2008

Margle bargle

Fridays Love list: (I wrote love lost at first)

-Torani Brown Sugar Cinnamon Sugar Free Syrup. take that Cinnabon.

-Pickleskin rugs and Maxi shakesalot.

-soft soft sweatpants.

-skinny Cow Ice Cream sammiches.

-extra cinnamon chewing gum.

-coffee, sweet sweet coffee.

-frozen snickers bars with almonds.

-hand knit ginormous house socks.

-stuff in the mail that ain't bills and are just for me

-the burn after chipping away the last of the winter ice on the back walk.

As you can see, there has been a lot of not much going on. Chris' recovery is taking alot longer than we hoped and he is driving me going a bit batshit crazy with the slowness. Guess who is not cut out to be a Florence Nightingale? I mean, I think I am ok at it, but the whole doing EVERYTHING for someone for weeks on end? Dishes, laundry, picking up, catering, fetching and carrying? I grow weary. I feel like I need a vacation from this. I am wiped out. :/ Wow the outpouring of wah wah is somewhat unexpected but I shall leave it here for my own shame. I mean dude, I am so not the one who had the awfulness happen, I should really suck it up. Woe is not me right?

Which leads me to Fibre Friday! Last Friday, I was really up in it, dyeing/weighing/skeining/sorting at least 20 pounds of it for our next shop update. So you'll have to make do with a little more than a weeks worth!

Superwash South American Top in JJ's Kool Aid By kfb

Lady Rosalyn by Mama E Superwash BFL (and seriously, it is no where near as soft as ours.. lovely but I think our fibre is waaaaaaay nicer) from my stash.

Merino/Alpaca 50/50 blend can you say yum?

More kfb superwash SA top (can't remember what colour this is. will check)

AND, the start of 2 pounds of natural BFL superfine for ME!!!!

I really wish blogger would stop with the picture problems, FIX IT GODDAMMIT!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bits and Bobs and random weirdness

Things from the weekend...

Crocheted shawl by my lovely pal Christine who is about to frog it. I needed to immortalise it.

Tofu mess for dinner.

What I was spinning on Sunday.

Sale this weekend.. come on.. skeins... skeins....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Love List? Love list!

Because Meg Fowler told me to.

Things I love more than a throat punch today.

All Bran Strawberry Medley.
The word medley.
Chris when he poops. LIKE TODAY! YAY!*
Pickles when he stands on me and wheeze-grunts.
Max when he buttles.
Finding Evil Dead 2 on Scream.
Hello Kitty flannel jammies.
Knee socks that stay up. Hand knit ones!
Saying fuckit and eating that blizzard yesterday. Mmm kitkat.
Pens that work when you need them.
Comfy cushions.
My pillow.
Ready to eat salad.

Now tell me your love list or go post your own. Friday is a good day yes?

*Good news after gut surgery, not so much on an everyday basis ok?

Fibre Friday

Chris is doing pretty well after his surgery. He is still in hospital, and we think probably for a couple of more days. He got some really beautiful lowers from his work, but they won't let him keep them there (he is on a LOCK DOWN TRAUMA WARD*) so guess who gets to appreciate them?

Now for this weeks offerings:

The cream is a merino/tencel mix that was YUMMY to spin. And really is that shiny. The Blues are from kfb of course. Merino. Gorgeous.

Fridays Finds.. all desirous things.

Sparkly and stunning. WANT!
So clever.
Even I who hates cards, loves these.

Happy weekend possums.

*Not because he needs to be locked down, or was in a trauma. You go where the beds are nowadays. Its a pain in the arse. Buzz to get in, buzz to get out. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Fibre Friday

Even with the unexpected hospitalisation, I still managed to crank out some stuff. In fact the dogs and I were up into the wee hours for the most part. They were annoying me, I was spinning and watching movies.

The white/multicolour is merino that will soon be available on kfb soon (and at at whopping 462 g for a 2 ply, sorry haven't measured length yet) it is a whole lotta yarn!

The orange is part of a set that will also be up on kfb, and OMG YUMMY. Its the second whack of the the Spunky Eclectic I posted last week. Mmm... citrusy.

I have ended up with copious amounts of copies of the book I took part in last year Not Your Mamas Felting from the publisher. I had never gotten paid and when I did some inquiring, a lovely gal named Emily sent me out a whack of books, an enormous apology that somehow, someone let this stuff fall through the cracks and this is so not how they treat their paid contributors and the promise of a cheque to follow. I hate having stuff from last year hanging around my neck, so in this case the initiative paid off. Look for a contest on kfb soon for some of these copies! You will be expected to work for it though..

Oh Friday...

waves.. like on the ocean man!,
how amazing is this?? ,
I probably would. Just once. So I could say I did.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Paradise city

So the man has ended up in hospital again. This time hopefully some corrective surgery will be done to fix some bad scar tissue. Cause you know, the mouse tissue* works! It really works!! So in my small flurry of oh noes, I had to order some BFL to spin. Cause you know, along with mouse tissue, retail therapy works wonders. I have stuff to show ya'll but am too tired to take pictures. Just picture some pretty for now...

I had to recycle this picture. I just did.

*remicade=made of mouse tissue. My husband and my seeeester in law Miss Ang both squeeeeeeek. Yes they do.