Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The early bird

Gets a headache from sleep deprivation I think. Pickles thought he needed some help up onto the bed this morning so I obliged, squeezing him in the process and the squeak was loud enough to wake the dead. Or least everyone. Good thing you are cute Mr Pickles. Of course, Max and him are having a fabulous sleep now. Damn dogs.

This has been an exemplary year for getting the giftmas ready. I have mailed off (via Greyhound) all the gifts that needed to be mailed*, gone to 2 parties, and of course bought my own gift. This week Dana (who had one of the aforementioned parties**) is off work and I shall go with her to get some last minute gifts and VOILA'. DONE . There is no giftmas like an organised giftmas.

Breaking news.. I haven't had coffee yet. WHAT AM I DOING?

The new wheel spins like a dream I have to say. I am spinning the most well balanced yarn on my Rosie (I think that's her name). Yarn that has the perfect amount of twist, is wonderfully even and looks astounding. I less than three that ladybug of mine.

*I reckon this buys me like 3 years of last minute gift card/online GC's right?

**OMG good party! Like giant house full of fun fun FUN people, lotsa food, booze, and good company. Happy housewarming/giftmas to the happy homeowners. Of maybe the cutest house in Crescent Heights.

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