Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lap dog

Pickles likes nothing more than to sit on my lap as I peck away on the laptop in the kitchen. Max was never a lapdog like this! In fact he is sitting here right now making all sorts of grunty puppy noises. Resting his head on my arm as I type. Silly beasty.

It was turkey day this weekend and we three (5 if you count the dogs who got turkey gravy on their kibble!) had a nice little dinner. Thank you Butterball for the prefrozen stuffed turkey breast that you can just pop in the oven! Mmm.. mashed sweet potatoes and veg, pumpkin pie! Nice and not really much in the way of leftovers. Jake took some to one of his pals who wasn't having a turkey day so that resolved nicely. :)

In knitting news... almost done a pair of cabled socks out of Blue Sky Alapaca sport weight. I don't think they will be the most practical socks, but they certainly are YUMMEH!

We have guests coming this weekend!! Chris' sister (my seeeeeester!~) Angie and her SO Jeff. It will be awesome to see them and I so hope Ang has planned for at least a teeny bit of shopping. I so need to show her Sephora!!

Stay tuned for another free pattern.. it is SOCKTOBER right?

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