Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The dogs were napping this morning and I just had to snap them in repose. Pickles hides in his Pickles only clubhouse and Max wedges himself in the sofa corner so deep you can barely see him. Oh my dogs!!

Socks are my crack. No really. These are just plain ol' toe ups done out of some really nifty yarn. STRIPEY GOODNESS!! I mean who doesn't need more stripey socks? Not Quite Knee Highs because I got tired of knitting ribbing. :)

The colour is called Near Dark. Cute innit? NICE! Now I am the lucky recipient of yet more yarn/fibre this week. This travelled all the way from Salt Spring Island for me.. oh and BY THE WAY.. NEW FREE PATTERN from kfb. Salt Spring Waves. Wow!! Look at us go :) Anyways, this is the bootay!

Mmm pink. I think REAL knee highs might be needed..

And some really nice close up of the pretty fibre. I think there are a couple of people really pushing the spinning eh? ;)

Wow huh? This whets my wet felting appetite something terrible. Need some silk... Now for what I've been working on:

Like WHOA! I went to Gina Browns this weekend and found this new beautiful stuff. Hacho by Mirasol. The price point is not to be believed (7.99 a skein!! OMG!) and it is truly scrumptious. Like STR nice. She had more by Mirasol including gorgeous sweater weights and they were silly good priced as well. I maybe see another trip soon.

I'm doing a garter stitch toe and heel pattern. So cushy, so sqooshy. I am in heaven. Mmm..

I usually try to keep things very light and breezy on here, in fact as I have explained before, I try to only blog happiness. But some significant changes have happened to our little house and I have to acknowledge them. Jake has moved up to Edmonton to live with his Dad. Not his idea, but we have all had a really rough time of it for the last 9 months + and it was with a heavy heart the decision was made for him. I'm hoping this will help him on his journey and give him some very desperately needed distance to figure stuff out. As it stands, we will all be able to take a breath now.

Knock wood for all of us ok?


Morgan said...

I'm knocking on wood and then some for you. xoxoxox

granolagirl said...

Could not have been an easy decision. Good luck with it all and let Pickles and Max give you some puppy kisses.

knittinggrammy said...

I'll give you all my Mommy Knock on Wood and then some, chin up!! Couldnt have been an easy decision!!

Heather said...

Wow! Tough decision, but sometimes the hardest decisions have the best results. Totally know where you are coming from. Lots of woody knocks!
Also Karen you always know how to cheer me up, loved your comment! And yes I did see Rich Franklin get his ass kicked, but it would have been hard not to, Anderson Silva is freakin amazing. I miss Randy too!
We should get together some day.

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Your fiber and socks (and doggies) are awesome! Sounds like you made a tough call, sometimes you have no choice. Hope things turn around, for everyone. Knocking for you for sure!

dana said...

Knock, knock, knock.
Those socks are beautiful, and I'll be thinking about you and your family, hoping for the best.