Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This is the ..

vest that never ends!

It just goes on and on my friends.

Some dingbat started knitting it, not knowing what it was, and she'll continue knitting it forever just because..

This is the vest that never ends... really.

I got this from Etsy.com. Sorry about the craptastic picture.. I never said I had mad photo skillz ok?

But I do love it so and have such a warm fuzzy when I wear it :)

Ok. In other news.. or in the words of Julie Chen:

"but first!"

It is snowing here. Not great monstrous whipped cream blobs, but enough that the wee dogga has to be de-snowed when he comes in from outside. And enough that the heat is cranked up. I am making some nice chili tonight that shall hopefully warm us all up.

We went and saw the new Scorsese film this weekend (The Departed). It was pretty good, but sadly I thought it could have used a little more trimming. Or a lot more violence. Mr Jack Nicholson was really good, slipping into his caricature in only a couple spots and I am sorry to say I have a *thing* for Mr Matt Damon. At least his Boston accent was good (being as he is from there I should bloody hope so!) not like Mr Martin Sheen who slipped all around that geographical area I think. We also watched Art School Confidential which was pretty entertaining (despite the lead actor having no charisma at all) and Hard Candy which is not for anyone faint of heart or sensitive in any way. I liked it (of course) but thought it was a one trick pony.

This weekend the boy heads up North and I think we are going to actually venture out and go to Amy's book party this Saturday! There is lots of media stuff going on this week for her (good luck sweet gal!) and I hear that Shaw is coming tomorrow to film the shop (I AM WORKING! OMG!! So glad I got my hair done last week! YES!) and I have my first head and fingers class. Which is FULL. YIKES!

I should really go wash some clothes now huh? ~sigh~

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