Thursday, October 26, 2006



A whole boatload of stitches later.... PHEW! It does need a block (the bottom looks a little stretched out after all that work) but it is finito! I actually finished it on Tuesday but when I got
the man to try it on, it really needed a rib (ever so small as it is) on the bottom to look truly finished. So 300 picked up stitches later.. !!
Now I can move on. Finally. :)
My head and fingers class has taken off and I couldn't be happier. My students are all over the DPN's and I feel like a proud parent watching them grow and become more confident. Aww...
I have my last felting class tonight, needle felting here we come :) It is always my favorite part of the class
Now to move onto a vest for me.


carmelclose said...

Wow, Karen - nice work. You should be proud of yourself and you thought it was the vest that would never end. Is your vest going to be the same?

granolagirl said...

Congrats on the vest victory..we want a modelled shot!!

Tara said...

That looks fabulous! Great work - perserverance maybe your new modicum.