Thursday, October 12, 2006

7 stitches!

Oh my.. I am wishing I had either a smaller husband or a bigger brain. The vest is totally coming along, but so s l o w l y. See what I mean? Nice? Yes! Ribbed? Yes! TAKING SO FREAKING LONG? YES! But really its yummy and lovely. I have had few people try to convince me to you know, start something else in the mean time.. OMG! Now I know I am NOT the norm when it comes to projects. Really, its ok, I can deal. I am one of those freaks who starts something then (with the exception of the ugly afghan) finishes it. I mean sometimes I have like half a dishcloth somewhere, but really, I can only do one project at a time. It boggles everyone from work tis true. I think I may have some fear that I will never finish anything if I have more than one thing on the go (which for knitters is tantamount to CRAZY) but its the way I am. So not only will you poor saps loyal readers be sick to death of it, so will I. AND it doesn't hurt that I am ITCHING to get my next project. ITCHING I TELLS YA!

I have another class tonight (sorry it didn't work for you Terra :/) and then start a mitten and hat (head and fingers.. no knees and toes sorry) class next Wednesday. I *really* should be cleaning some more but since I STILL HAVE NO VACUUM.. well.. DO THE MATH! Ha ha!
So Instead I leave you with a picture of my messy desk. Note the cup (roughly the size of Lake Ontario) that the boy painted for me last year at one of the 70 thousand odd field trips he took. Also of note; the hot wheels speakers with the flames we got from Winners for 5 dollars and the peeling Hello Kitty mouse pad (note to self: get new mouse pad). The desktop is a picture of the flowers by Dale Chihuly (sp?) in the lobby of the Bellagio in Vegas. OMG I LOVE GLASS.



granolagirl said...

I'm so sad this class didn't work out, I had signed up for it the first day and was counting down the days...and then when it changed days one of them fell on a night the rents had bought us tickets to an event for Rob's bday. Sigh, I need to learn to felt! Private lesson (jj)

kittin said...

Yeah its too bad sweetie :( Classes get shifted and rescheduled all the time. I'm sure it'll run again though!

morgan said...

Ok. I saw the sweater yesterday. Even though it is taking you forever to knit its still freakin gorgeous. I love the colors and the ribbing. I still think that you need to do a matching one for you and the kidlet ... you could be a whole cleaver family.


ps. Off to see that puppy this afternoon after work.

karen said...

PUPPEH!! Do tell about the potetntial new family memeber pls...

Christine said...

Oooh, that's a nice manly sweater. Very handsome. And pretty, too.

I emailed Deborah the other day (friend wants to take Reiki) and she said to say hi to anyone I still talk to. You're the only one so HI from Deborah!!!