Wednesday, October 07, 2009

smoke 'em if you got 'em

Movies I have watched and loved lately:

-Zombieland. In fact I think I may go see this AGAIN in the theater. IT WAS THAT GOOD.

-Land of the Lost. This was a whim. A total, I think this will probably suck monkey balls, but what the hell its free. WELL SMACK MY ASS AND CALL ME CHARLIE. It's really really funny. Like surprisingly, lolling funny. So that goes to show you can't judge a movie by its shitty source material.

-Infestation. I think this was a direct to DVD kinda deal about giant bugs that take over the world. You never do find out why. But you won't care because this was really a decent little flick! Great acting, nifty (if not slightly lowish budget in some shots) effects and a good time was had by all.

-Pandorum. I thought this would be an Aliens/Doom/Event Horizon rip off. And it was. But in the best way possible. Totally slick looking and more fun than a barrel of insane space monkeys that want to kill you and eat your face.

-Inglorious Basterds. Typical Tarantino (with less violence) and so of course being the screamy fangirl I am... I LOVED it. Great pacing, GREAT acting, beautiful. Well done Q.

The media frenzy we held this weekend was a lovely success! We got rid of maybe half of our CD's and 2/3 of our DVD's. I think people really liked picking over the stuff.. and seriously, A LOT of safeway bags were used. We still have lots left though...

And now the pictures I have been saying are here are well.. here.

See? My vision came together. Chris was not all about the red rug at first (Him: It looks like a pool of blood. Me; Yeah? And? Him: Oh Karen! Me: The kitchen is the most appropriate place for that innit?) but came around when he saw the prints I ordered. AND OMG WEREWOLF. How I love that image. And I love being right.

I have finished another shawl with the most excellent yarn EVER. Diamond Luxury Yarn cashmere silk.



Never you mind the yucky looking rug, its a weird old Ikea jobby that has this amazing super power of holding yarn so blocking pins aren't needed. Just LOOK AT THAT SHAWL! It's the same one I knit for my Moms, just for me this time. I love it so hard. I will try to take better pictures in a more flattering situation. Maybe an Xmas party or something.

We have Turkey day coming up this weekend and there will be blood food!

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Knit - R - Done said...

That is the prettiest shawl in the history of ever.