Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's the little things...

that make it all worthwhile isn't it? For example, my laptop. Since I am lucky enough to live in Canada it has a French compatible keyboard. Cool you think? NO. Since every once in a while I would mysteriously activate it and not be able to use my question mark. Some crazy E with a line over it would appear and I would have to re-boot to fix it. FINALLY I got tired of this and googled it. HURRAY! The internets know everything! I removed that language capability from my keyboard settings and VOILA! (hahaha that's Franch you know) done! No more random stupid characters I don't know how to use.

I have been doing some (in one of my Dad's favourite words) pondering about the state of some things lately and have a few things I need (yes need) to proclaim my love for.

Turner Classic Movies. Oh thank you movie gods for this channel. After the shit show that is AMC tricking me* while watching Aliens/The Shining/all of the horror movies they are showing right now (and a hearty FUCK YOU to them for ruining art. I mean really? Put a speedo on The David next whydontcha assholes?) it is a joy to watch ANYTHING on TCM. This month has been especially fantastic. As my good buddy Bob Mitchum up there will attest to.
-Arsenic and Old Lace
-Terror in the Wax Museum (1933.. oh Fay Wray!)
-too many Boris Karloff movies to count!
Thank you thank you thank you!

My new bed that is coming today. Oh jeebus don't let this be a premature thanking! You all know how wack my back is. It suddenly came to my attention that perhaps.. just perhaps our aging IKEA (8+ years) may be playing into this. I have thought the bed uncomfortable for some time now, but reckoned it was just me. Welp, Chris started to complain about it** and the heavens parted and unicorns farted rainbows and the light was seen. We went out last weekend and bought a new bed. It's coming today! I AM SO EXCITED I COULD PEE. but not in the bed. I have no picture to show you, but it's called Kingsdown. And the model is Beethoven. Ah. So knocking all wood, the sleeping will not result in the hurting (which it has for oh.. say the last 8 months) back anymore.

My little dogs. Even when they do bastardly things like escape, get into the neighbours yard and cry to get back home, resulting in a nightgowned/sweatpants jaunt before 8am to retrieve said dog. Or when they insist the best place to sleep in on my knitting in progress. Oh my dogs!

Chicken. Cause I love me some chicken.

Bath and Body Works Shea Cashmere hand cream. Seriously the best stuff I have ever used. I can knit or spin moments after putting this on. It's amazing. Moisture with absolutely no greasiness and it smells DIVINE.

Finishing things. For example this hand spun, hand dyed (by ME!) pygora scarfy thing. Mm hm.

Family and friends that eat my cooking without complaining! And the rare picture of Jake!!

In this picture I am wearing the sweater I have worn a billion times but have no real pictures of. This was Thanksgiving when we were lucky enough to have a little houseful of fabulous people over. Kevin (the tall one! who came with his lovely lady Trish. No pictures.. jeeze) and Lane (with Karen and Zoe.. why do we have no pictures of the cutest little girl in the world dammit Chris!) with me in the Kitchen. Great job photo documenting Chris. Really great.

Also I love coffee, salted caramel, my new tattoos, and I hope this goes without saying.. you!

*In my halfhearted defense, sometimes when I check the listings I get so excited to see something I like on, I just GO TO THE DAMN SHOW. Only to be HORRIFIED when the best bits get cut. Or ahem.. SANITISED.

**After her started snoring and he decided to sleep on his side rather than back. You know I bought a box of those breathe right strips, and apparently you only need to buy them not use them, cause he has pretty much stopped after I got those suckers in the house. Who knew?

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Dana said...

I really love your tattoos. Love love love!!