Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We got the beat

We had an unreasonably hot spell last week. For reals who thinks 34 c is good idea in September? NOT ME. Or the dogs. Poor bastards had a rotten time staying cool. Pickles idea is to stay off the ground as much as possible. Max? He sleeps.

But really? It made for some purty pictures didn't it? I love our big blue sky, who knew I was totally a prairie girl?

Of course this lead to me not being able to knit on my ginormous blanket* of sock yarn. No way could I have all the wool on my lap. Gross. So I knit a quick sweater (that I have no pictures of) and started a shawl out of cashmere and silk. Woot.

We have done the almost unthinkable and invited a great whack of people over this Sunday to view our new kitchen. Oh and give away all of our CD's and lots of movies. Since we've ripped most of our music to the compy, the actual physical discs have been quietly gathering dust and taking up space. Movies too. SO MANY MOVIES!** So we thought why not give them to our nearest and dearest. So that means I really do gotta finish up the small bits of decor that have been plaguing me.

In other news...

Jake had his wisdom teeth out with no ill effects so far. It was kinda entertaining to see him all sleepy and compliant. But he is a trooper (tough as nails) and there has been a minimum of complaining. For a teenager. Nice how I had to add that in innit?

*Blanket is larger than it appears.
**Many which I have bought at least three times. VHS, DVD and now Blu Ray. NO MORE I TELL YOU. NO MORE.


Deborah said...

Hey Karen: I really enjoy your blog, you always give me a giggle. You are extremely talented at writing AND at knitting (and a whole lotta other things too). Thanks for sharing your gifts!


Dana said...

I love that blanket. And I can't believe you're knitting it out of sock wool. Gives my tendons the willies, just thinking about it...

And while you're having giveaways, maybe you can pawn my old R. Kelly CD off on your friends? Just a thought. I'm sure there's somebody out there who can't get enough of the mid-90s "Thank God It's Fri-i-i-day" song. ;)